David Thompson, creative stills photographer


From: Peper Harow, England, U.K.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Commercial and photo artist, Product, Creative Portraiture and Street Photography, are part of his portfolio, combined with the skill of photo manipulation bringing a complete solution to clients' needs.

Working on his own since 1986 (the film years) - Present (digital)

Hasselblad Digital Medium Format and Full Frame 35mm Format used.

Working on location and a small commercial studio based in the center of Taipei. 


David's journey with light:

'Fine art painting, graphic design and photography has always been a part of his life, since the early 70's. He worked through the photographic profession  in colour processing labs and pro studios, developing his craft.

With his combined awareness and technical expertise, he paints with light, be it in ambient or studio conditions, to bring impactful and appetising images to his audience.'


It's a passion.

'From the simplest to the most technically challenging I visualise and emulate the finished image, often sketching layouts, then bring the image to fruition using the tools available to me.'


' 'In the dark there is light and in the light there is dark' - Kami Garcia

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